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Simple Fun Activities for a Birthday Party

A lot goes in planning a birthday party. From first birthdays to 100th birthdays every year that comes along is a mile stone. Not every birthday is celebrated but when you do decide to celebrate there’s a lot that goes into planning.

Activities at the birthday party is sometimes the last thing to be considered and that’s okay as long as you didn’t completely forget. In addition to the food, music and decorations having something to keep your party guests entertained and occupied at the birthday party keeps your party goers from being bored.

There are various activities you can have at your birthday party to keep your guests entertained. Activities range from DIY activities to hired professional party entertainers. For the purpose of this article we’re going to focus on activities for children birthday parties. From princess parties to pirate parties.

Classic Birthday Activities:

Let’s start with the classics, sometimes doing something familiar is a great way to impress your guests. You can stick with the old school way of doing these activities or add your own twist for more fun. Tangled-Inspired-Birthday-Boy-Friendly-Princess-Party

The classics we all love include: Musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, bean bag toss and guess how many. Simon says can also be fun if you have a good amount of kids coming  to the party and you have enough helping hands to keep them organized. According an article on these are fun birthday activities perfect for all ages 1 and up.

You can do a mixture of all those activities but it’s not recommended if you don’t have any other adults helping out. Trying to keep a handful of kids organized and focused to do these activities can be very stressful especially if you’re doing it by yourself. if  you don’t have any help, pick an activity you think the kids will enjoy and run with it. If you’re not sure which activities will be a hit, ask the birthday boy or girl to choose, he/she knows the guests best.

Also if you don’t think you’re going to cringe too much at watching toilet paper being wasted you can play the mummy game. Two or three teams fastest team wins a prize.

As we said before you can add your own twist to any of these activities: If you’re planning a princess party, musical chairs can become musical thrones, you can pin the crown on the princess or pin the scepter/wand in the princess/prince’s hand. There’s so much you can do with it

Birthday Party Entertainers Activities:

Sometimes it’s okay to let someone else take the wheel and handle some of  the responsibilities. It’s okay, you’re not expected to do everything. You’re handling the food, drinks and making sure no one is hitting each other with balloons or shoving each other.  Kids can get rowdy especially when they’ve had some sugar in them. You can take care of everything else an let professionals handle the activities if it’s in your budget to do so.

Some fun activities that party entertainers can bring to your child’s special day include but are not limited to:

Balloon twisting fun:Balloon twisters are fun. They can make almost anything with balloons and they’re generally great at working with kids. They can keep the kids occupied with demonstrations and give you a little time to clean up and have unnamed-2a moment to yourself. If you’re having a princess party, a balloon twister can make swords for the boys and tiaras or even balloon princesses for the girls. It’s a fun time for everyone and the kids get to take their balloon sculptures home!

Face Painting: face painters are a general hit at every party, they’re mostly featured at festivals and public events having one at your party get’s your party a bonus point with the guests. Designs can be customized to fit the party theme or party goers can be free to choose what they want painted on their faces.They have something to leave with and it keeps them occupied as they wait their turn and watch others get cool designs painted on.

Henna and/or Glitter Tattoos: For some semi-permanent fun, henna and glitterunnamed-5 tattoos are rising in popularity for birthday parties. Henna is recommend for age 13 and up and glitter tattoos work for ages 6 and up. You an have pres selected designs to fit the theme of the party or have the party entertainer bring their selection fit for the age group for the party goers to choose from.

If you choose to go with professional party entertainers, always remember to make sure they do background checks and use safe chemicals and equipment as well as making sure their sanction regulations are up to code.

If we forgot any other activities perfect for a birthday party. Let us know in the comments. Stay safe and have fun!