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Princess Birthday Party Ideas in CT!

Looking for those few extra touches that make your princess party perfect? Here are a few things our artists have seen that can make your birthday party sparkle!

If you go with coordinating colors over a theme, your party will look even more put-together and on a smaller budget than licensed decorations.

1. “Dress your party location up to match your princess.” – Princess Hanna

Disney-brand favors and decorations can get expensive really quickly. If you know you’re going to be having Princess Hanna in her sharp pink dress or maybe Princess Tricia in her frosty blue dress, adding simple streamers, table cloths, or plates in that color can give a finished touch that doesn’t break your budget. Coordinating colors are a great idea for any birthday party, especially when looking back later in pictures.

2. “Sprinkle everything with fairy dust!” – Princess Jessica

Glitter can become a mess pretty quickly, but adding bits of shine to everything will help your party sparkle beyond everyone’s expectations! This can include spraying any decorations you buy with glitter-spray-paint (it’s easier to control than loose glitter and glue), adding edible silver balls to cakes or cupcakes, adding metallic confetti to all of the tables and surfaces, and adding extra rhinestones to basically everything. This princess party decoration idea will bounce the light around and bring your party to the next level on a budget.

Princess Party Food & Snack Ideas

3. “Cookie cutter your fruits or snacks!” – Princess Tricia

Bite-sized foods are great for little, active guests. It’s hard to get the littles to settle for food during a party, so grab-and-go pizza slices or fruit are often a great fix. Take a flower-shaped cookie cutter to punch out watermelon bites, a heart-shaped cutter for pizza bites, or even a number shaped one so all the chicken nuggets show the age of your birthday child. You can even monogram your food! The left over bits can make a pre-party snack for you and your little helpers, or take extra fruit and put it in the fridge for a fruit salad later in the week. Food ideas are our favorite unique party ideas!

4. “Remind your guests to dress in costumes.” – Princess Nicole

Talk about cute princess photo ideas! Guests dressing in costume not only add a fairy-tale-element to your party that you don’t have to plan, but make memories and photos so much more fun! Just remember to have a few extra accessories (boas or tiaras) on hand so no one feels left out if they forget. Our makeup packages are awesome for this, and will make every child feel like a real prince or princess.

5. “Don’t forget the boys! They can love princesses too, or be little princes.” – Princess Nicki

We have plenty of princess party ideas for girls AND boys!

Boys can love princesses too! Or, they can be a little prince. All of our princess packages will keep boys in mind so they can have fun in a way that makes them feel included. Just ask our experts in the Kaleidoscope office about how we can include all the boys at your party. Just because your little girl is obsessed with Disney doesn’t mean her brother has to feel left out!