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Foods & Treats for the Perfect Princess Party

Planning a birthday party can stressful, everything has to be perfect to keep everyone happy. When you have a little princess, a successful princess party is only logical. With every party comes the hard decision of what to serve for food.

The type of food is always important. You don’t want anything boring, or messy. Anything that will keep the kids occupied so the adults have some breathing room is always a plus. Quick, fun and relative to the party theme is always a must. Tying the food into the theme of the party adds uniformity to the party and keeps it fun.

In order to throw a successful princess birthday party, it’s important to serve familiar foods. As imaginative and creative as children are, they can also be picky. Serving something familiar and fun leaves party guests and the birthday girl feeling satisfied at the end of the day.

Going with finger food is always the best option : avoid accidents with utensils/silverware and mess that comes from eating with a fork. Parents don’t have to chase their kids around while trying to balance plates of food and utensils.

Here are some princess party food ideas. Great

1. Pizza Puffs/Pizza Bites

For the princess with a weakness for pizza and her court of fellow princesses pizza puffand knights. this treat is easy to make either from scratch or with already made ingredients. Bite sized personal pizzas everyone will enjoy. Customize to fit any diet. Let’s be honest, almost everyone loves pizza!

To make this fun delicious treat, you’re going to need pizza dough, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and any topping of your choice. You’re also going to need muffin/cupcake pans.

*Having the kids add their own toppings can be part of the fun if you choose*

2. Fruit and Veggie tray (dip optional for the Veggies)

If youfruit pyramid/castle with grapes and strawberries‘re tired of pizza and want healthy fun snacks for party guests, fun shaped fruits are the perfect treat along with a veggie tray that includes a dip of your choice. Fruit and Veggie trays with assorted dips keep the food interactive while being simple.

The fruits and veggies can also be edible centerpieces!

For a princess party, the fruits and vegetables can be arranged to look like a crown/tiara or a castle.

3. Tiara Sandwiches

Tiara Sandwich

This treat is fun to look at and delicious to eat. Make sandwiches with whatever bread and ingredients you prefer, while keeping guest allergies in mind. Make as many sandwiches as you need and a simple cookie/sandwich cutter shaped like a tiara is all you need to make these delicious finger foods.

PB&J sandwiches cut out with fruits used as jewels in the tiara is a creative way to make your sandwich healthy and your princess party a success.

It’s the perfect finger food to keep kids occupied during a princess story time (if you choose to have one).

4. Cookies, Cakes and Candy

From castle/tiara shaped cookies, cupcakes towers to assorted candies and princess gummy. There’s a variety of options when it comes to sweets and treats to end the perfect princess party.cakes, cookies and treats for a princess party

Cupcakes are easier for a party with younger kids because you don’t have to worry about cutting and you can arrange them into of tower of whatever design you want to fit your theme. Crystal sugar  sprinkles available in multiple add a sparkly flare to any pastry.

Cake pops and sugar cookies are also treats that can be tied into a princess party with different colors of frosting and sprinkles to fit the them.



5. Fruit Wand/Scepter

What’s a princess without a scepter or a fairy without her wand? There’s nothing better than an edible scepter/wand. This is a healthy treat that’s fun to wave around.

You’ll need grapes (any color of your choice), watermelon, cantaloupe or melons or all three! You’ll also need a cookie cutter in the shape of a star and one of a tiara. Stack the grapes on a kebab stick and top it off with your watermelon or cantaloupe cut out to make an edible scepter. Host the perfect princess party with a treat that will wow your guests.


When planning a princess birthday party, every little detail matters to make the party a success. With these menu ideas you’re on the road to hosting a birthday party fit for a princess and her royal court. We hope this was helpful in planning the menu and food for your princess birthday party.  If you have any other ideas we forgot to mention feel free to add them in the comments section.

Have a fantastic day and we hope your princess has a wonderful birthday!