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Face Painting & Balloon Twisting Princesses

Face painting and balloon twisting princesses combine the best of both worlds! Our princesses will come to your party straight out of a story book, enchant your guests, then perform for everyone! These parties are great for both boys and girls, since we can do all sorts of designs.


Here is the Royal Itinerary for our princess parties, and what you can expect:

  • The packages vary in time, depending on how many kids you are expecting.
  • The princess will come to your door–you can let the birthday girl know ahead of time, or surprise her for our princess’s grand entrance!
  • Our princess will sit your little guests down and introduce herself with your choice of story or song
  • After her grand entrance, she will switch over to her activity (see below for your options) and entertain the kids! Kids can wait in a line and watch her, or move onto other games or freeplay. (Or, bring a second princess along to entertain them during this time!)
  • Next, we’d love to take a few pictures together. Don’t forget the cameras!
  • Finally, she will perform the Birthday Coronation, and make the birthday child an official prince or princess! Sing a song, get your tiara, then blow out the candles for your princess wish!

And here are your options to choose from with 1 princess!

  1. Face painting AND balloon twisting together is good for up to 10 kids.
  2. Face painting AND glitter tattoos together is perfect for up to 15 kids.
  3. Face painting with extra singalong songs is perfect for up to 13 kids.
  4. Just face painting is perfect for up to 18 kids.

face painting

Want 2 princesses? Here are are some options for 2 princesse party entertainers:

  1. One face painting & glitter tattoo princess AND one singalong & story time princess is perfect for up to 15 kids
  2. One face painting princess and one balloon twisting princess is perfect for up to 15 kids and come with bonus singsongs, stories, and games
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