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What’s A Princess Party Birthday Coronation?

elsa corinationYour birthday child should not only believe that our princesses are real, but that they are princesses (or princes) too!

At the Princess Roundtable far away in the Kaleidoscope Castle, our princesses decided that the best way to make the birthday child a real princess is an official coronation event! Happy Birthday is usually the highlight of any birthday party, so here is how our princesses turn your birthday child into a real royal!

  • The princess will gather all of the guests around the birthday cake towards the end of the party, and officially announce that as of today, your child is officially a princess!
  • She will explain that after all of you sing happy birthday and the child blows out the candles, a magical spell will turn them into a real princess.
  • Following the princess entertainers lead, we will all sing the birthday song and your child can make her first royal princess wish when she blows out the candles!
  • Our princess will crown your child with a tiara (which we can bring or you can provide for us) while everyone is clapping and taking pictures!

Can you think of any way to make your child feel more special on their birthday? Every princess story has a happy ending, so our birthday coronation is officially your birthday child’s happily ever after!