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Ding-Dong: Our Princess Has Arrived! Tips for your party entertainer’s grand entrance

cinderella dancing webThe ball has started, the horns sound from the balcony, and all of the guests look up to see a beautify princess ascending down a grand marble stair case. Princesses always make a grand entrance, and even if your house doesn’t have a ballroom or marble staircase, your princess entertainer will enchant your guests with her entrance!

Here is what you can expect for her big arrival:

  • Ring-Ring-Ring! We don’t want to ruin the surprise! Your princess will call your cell phone before your event, so please make sure it is on!
  • Ding-Dong! Is that the bell? Ask the birthday girl to answer the door.
  • Big Gasp! “Hi Amelia! I heard it was your 7th birthday, and I wanted to come wish you a very happy birthday! Can I come into your party?”
  • Wow! Let your birthday girl introduce your princess by name to all of the birthday guests. Friends can introduce themselves by name, so let her introduce her new princess BFF!
  • Fa-la-la! Finally, the princess will get all of the little guests in the swing of the party by sitting them down with your choice of story or song. (Or, if you’re having a singalong/story-time party, both!)
  • Let’s party! After her grand entrance, our princess¬†will move into the main activity of your party.