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What to Expect at your CT Princess Perfect Party!

elsa gameYour big day is near! Wondering what you can expect from our princess at your party? Here’s a pretty quick run-down of how events tend to go when you invite us to your home or any venue in. You can always drop us a line if you have any questions!

  1. Our princess will arrive just a few minutes early and call you once she’s there. For a lot of birthday children, their princess is a surprise! We don’t want to ruin anything, so if you want to have them answer the door or sneak us in from the back, our princess will call you to go over the game plan. Her entrance will be grand!
  2. We’ll be working the whole time. If we get through your little guests faster than expected, our princesses can move on for a second round of face paint or balloon animals, extra songs, or another story! We will spend the whole time entertaining, guaranteed.
  3. We don’t need much. Our princesses prefer to be inside because the CT summer heat can be pretty hard on their makeup and heat up their costumes. All they really need is a small table near a power outlet (if you have them singing or doing hair) and a chair with space for activities. (For makeover princesses, we need two chairs.)
  4. Relax! Our princesses are all professionals, so you don’t have to make sure you keep your daughter’s bangs out of her face or make sure your son knows all the best choices for balloon twisting. Our artists are great at handling kids!
  5. We may divert from the plan a tad. Sometimes kids are really into one activity and not another. Our princesses will gauge the mood of your party and may swap out one of the games for an extra few songs, or anything else they think will make your party perfect.
  6. Clean up is a breeze. Our princess will take photos right before the birthday coronation, then pack up her stuff right as the kids settle down to cake. It doesn’t take very long, so it’s a pretty smooth transition before her goodbye!

It’s pretty simple! And just in case you were wondering, here are a few quick questions we get asked a lot:rapunzel vintage web

  • Can we offer the princess food? Because the parties are timed, the princesses don’t really have much time to snack. When they’re packing up a non-messy snack like fruit or finger-food might be nice, but being a princess is hard work and we try to stay on task.
  • Can we offer your artists a drink? These dresses are hot, so some water would be great! Our princesses will never accept any alcoholic drinks, however.
  • How can we pay the balance? Cash is easy, or you can write a check to “Kaleidoscope”. If you’d like to pay via credit or debit card, please call our office the day before your party to process the payment since our artists don’t all have the ability to take credit at your event. You can also pay your event in full before the party if it’s easiest for you–just call ahead and we’d love to accommodate!
  • Do we tip princesses? Our princesses are amazing and gratuity is always appreciated, but we know some budgets don’t allow tipping and for commercial events we know this is impossible. If you can, they’ll appreciate it! If not, you can always call our office and tell us how much you enjoyed them.
  • We loved our princess! Can we request her/him for another party? Of course! Most of our princesses are cross-trained to do multiple things and can wear multiple dresses. We will always try to honor you requests!