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Tips for your Princess Party photo shoot!

487635_10152645660365258_1702443163_nHelp your princess party run smoothly with these quick tips! Everyone will want photos with the princess, so parents can absolutely snap photos all party. But right before our big birthday coronation, we’ll set up a moment for planned photos! Here’s how you can make sure that moment goes perfectly.

  • Plan ahead. We only have time for a few minutes of planned photos in one location. Do you want it in the same space all of our activities are happening in, or move it to another room?
  • Think about lighting. Although we ask our princesses don’t work outside, quick outdoor sunny-day photos are a great idea! Or, move your guests to a sunny room. This will make your photos perfect!
  • Take a some group photos first. Everyone will want their turn first, so let them all go together! This helps make for perfect memories.
  • Take photos one-by-one. Call all the children away but the birthday child for her star photos! Then, let one parent direct all the children (probably the birthday parent) and swap them out one by one to make sure everyone gets a chance. If any siblings want photos together, do them at the same time!
  • Keep a pen and paper around. There is usually a parent with an amazing camera. Have everyone else leave their email addresses so that parent can send them around.
  • Share them with us! We would always love to see your birthday photos. You can email us at or tag us on Facebook.