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The Safest Princesses Parties, Every Time

rapunzel watching faces webOur artists adore kids, and we want to make sure your experience with Princess Perfect is, well, perfect! And that means perfect every time, whether you meet us at a local fair or invite us to your home. We go above and beyond professional face painting standards. If you don’t believe us, call any of our competition and ask these questions. Princess Perfect stands for safety and fun, guaranteed!

  1. We use only FDA-approved face paint & makeup. Our “paint” is really more similar to big cakes of water-activated foundation. Because the FDA doesn’t actually approve whether face paint is safe on kids or not (eek!) we’ve searched for years to make sure we find the safest, most hypo-allergenic makeup on the market for your family. And in four years, we’ve never had an allergic reaction!
  2. Easy on, easy off face paint & makeup! No one wants to go home after a fun party to scrub Batman off their toddler’s face. Our face paints are water soluble: no scrubbing required! Just grab some water, a bi of whatever soap you normally use to clean their face, and two easy passes at it should take all of the face paint off.
  3. Cruelty-free paints means fun for you, and Fido! Princesses love animals, so we don’t want our products to ever hurt one! None of our paints or makeups have been tested on animals. We think dogs and bunnies (and even mice!) are pretty sweet, so even our brushes contain no animal hair. Considering our artists go through thousands of dollars worth of makeup every year, we think it’s important to be supporting ethical practices.
  4. Highest levels of sanitation. We uses sponges and brushes to put on face paint: each child gets a new sponge and each brush is dipped in sanitizer between swipes in paint. We’ve noticed lots of other face painters using the same sponge of white for 200 kids in a day, and we say yuck! All sponges and brushes are also fully cleaned and disinfected between parties. For makeovers, we use one-time-use applicators and constantly sanitize our station. No germs here!
  5. All princesses have backgrounds in child care, theatre, art, or beauty. And most have two of them! Princess Nicki is an actress and theatre teacher; Princess Hanna is a theatre student and visual artist; and Princess Jessica is an actress and former Six Flags children’s entertainer. We love what we do, and you will love our artists!
  6. All artists have background checks including against child abuse. More importantly, we will never send someone into your home we don’t know and haven’t cleared as safe to be around children. We are also one of the only companies doing this in CT and MA.
  7. Fully insured against accidents. We can do our best to make sure we are always perfect, but we also have a Plan B. Kaleidoscope and Princess Perfect are fully insured in case anything happens to you or your family 943140_533208566736007_1679521939_no everyone is protected. In four years we have never had an incident, and we will always work to keep it that way!
  8. We meet all of your special needs. We have face painters, balloon twisters, and clowns who can speak fluent ASL and Spanish, as well as help serve kids with developmental disabilities or across the autism spectrum. You can read about our parent company Kaleidoscope here!

  9. Always getting better. Period. Our artists attend monthly skills meetings, are only promoted based on positive feedback from our clients, and are constantly reevaluated for their skills on the job. You can read our reviews for our princesses and other entertainers on FacebookGoogle,GigMasters, and GigSalad. Customers love us, and we’re still working hard to make them even happier.