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Princess Parties: Now With Glitter Tattoos!

Our singalong and story-time princess parties are a huge hit! But we also wanted to make sure each child gets something a little special to make them feel like a real princess themselves.

Glitter tattoos are a really quick and easy, so they add something special to singalong and story-time parties without cutting down on activity time. We have tons of fun designs, from flowers and hearts to scorpions and skulls. So yes–boys love them too!

How they’re applied: Using FDA-approved adhesive, we use stencils and cosmetic glitter to apply bright and shiny designs along the hands or feet. Our set up is quick and small, and lots of fun to watch!


Safety: Our FDA-approved adhesive is medical grade but DOES contain latex. Our glitter is cosmetic grade meaning there are no sharp edges, so it’s safe around eyes and little kids! (Princess Perfect is striving to maintain the highest safety standards in our field. We hope including all of these details is helpful to moms and event organizers!)

Care and removal: Glitter tattoos last up to 5 days, even if they get wet! To remove, use rubbing alcohol or just soak and scrub.

Age limitations: Although out adhesive is medical-grade, we wouldn’t feel right about putting something pretty strong on any guests younger than two. Just to be triple-sure we’re being the safest ever! That said, they are great on anyone, from PreK-adult!

We also have airbrush tattoos and henna tattoos, so there’s always something for every age group!