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Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Costume!

The Making of Wonder Woman:

Behind the Scenes Princess Dresses:

Amber Elena detailsAll Princess Perfect dresses and costumes–from luxurious princess dresses to hard-as-steel super hero costumes–come to us from one of two ways:

  • From 2013-2015, we ordered high-end costumes from professional cosplay costume makers
  • Since 2015, we’ve been making all of our own!

Now,¬†here’s how the majority of the dresses we own came into creation. Flip through our gallery to see some in-progress shots!

  1. Most princess dresses start their lives as either second-hand wedding dresses or Renaissance Faire dresses
  2. Dresses are dry-cleaned or washed thoroughly, depending on the material
  3. Wedding dresses are dyed to the color to match the princess dress they’re destined to become
  4. Embellishments are added–ribbons, crystals, extra-poof to the sleeves or skirts, or corset backings!
  5. Often, a ton of tulle (think: tutu material) is added to the bottom. This way not only are dresses even more magical, but messy-kid-hand-prints can be more easily removed from this fabric than satin or silk. This helps our dresses stay looking clean for much longer than most cosplay dresses.

jasmine sofia 2 webAnd as for our cosplay dresses:

  1. Dresses are ordered to fit our princesses dimensions
  2. Professional costume makers make them screen-accurate for “cosplayers” (movie lovers who dress up and act as princess at Comic Conventions or for charity)
  3. The dresses are less elaborate than our hand-made princess dresses (which is why we’re phasing them out) but more true-to-the-movie.